Determination of Feed Values of Different Physical Processed Common Vetch Seed (Vicia Sativa) by in Vitro Gas Production Technique

Yasemin Işık, Adem Kaya


In this study, in vitro gas production values, gas production parameters (a, b, a+b and c) and organic matter digestibilities (OMD), metabolizable energy (ME), net energy lactation (NEL) contents, chemical compositions and feed values of different physical processed (raw, soaked, boiled and roasted) common vetch seeds (Vicia sativa) were determined by in vitro gas production technique. Rumen fluid, used in this study, was obtained by probe from one Holstein bull (seven years old, average live weight= 650 kg) raised at Research and Application Farm of Agricultural Faculty Atatürk University. Raw and treated common vetch seeds were incubated for 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 48, 72 ve 96 hours for the determination of in vitro gas production values and gas production parameters in rumen fluid. It was observed significant differences among all of the common vetch seeds in terms of chemical composition (DM, CA, OM, CP, EE, NDF, ADF, ADL) values (P<0.05). The differences in the chemical composition values affected in vitro gas production values and gas production parameters of raw and treated common vetch seeds. OMD, ME and NEL values of common vetch seeds were determined as 63.50-83.10%, 11.23-14.55 MJ/ kg DM and 5.81-7.99 MJ/ kg DM, respectively. In conclusion, it was found that soaked treatment applied to common vetch seed was preferable rather than other physically treated seeds.


Common vetch seed 1; Physical Treatment 2; Chemical Composition 3; In vitro Gas Production 4; Feed Value 5

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