A Research on Farmer Behaviours and Change of Information Resources in a Last 30 Year Period

Özdal Köksal


In this study, the change of farmer behaviour, which is thought to change slowly, over a 30 period, was evaluated in terms of information sources. In the study, the change in farmer attitudes with a longitudinal approach was designed in a process, and the data obtained from the same farmers and the same questionnaire forms were changed over time. A survey conducted in 1989 was repeated in the same region, in the same survey forms and in the same sample group (66 farmers) in 2019. In the analysis phase of the data obtained from the surveys, Multiple Compliance Analysis Technique was used. In the Polatlı District of Ankara Province, the long-term approach of 66 farmers, especially the changes in information sources and the non-logging habits of their businesses, has been determined with a longitudinal approach. The research results revealed that urban people have become close to rural areas and agriculture, and that their farmers have become close to district and provincial centres. As in all economic activities, research results support that the same jobs in agriculture for the long time do not have the opportunity to do the same and to be content with the knowledge left from the ancestor. This result is the most concrete indication that knowledge-based agriculture has become inevitable in every respect.


Longitudinal Research; Information Sources; Behaviour Change; Attitude; Correspondence; Analysis

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