The Use of Garlic (Allium sativum) as a Growth Promoter in Aquaculture

Suat Dikel


The wide-ranging use of antibiotics and medicaments has resulted in chemical residue and resistant pathogens in cured fish. Chemical residue not only pollutes the environment, but also threatens consumer’s health. On the contrary, garlic as a well-known natural antibiotic that causes no environmental or physical side effects has shown to be effective for the treatment of many diseases in humans and animals. In aquaculture applications, garlic promotes growth, improves the immune system, stimulates appetite, and reinforces the control of fungal and bacterial pathogens. This review emphasis on the application of garlic in promotes of fish growth and the expectations of using garlic arrangements in aquaculture.


Garlic; Aquaculture; Growth promoter; Allicin; Alliin

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