Proximate Composition of Freshwater Mussels (Unio Pictorum, Linnaeus 1758) in Karasustream, Sinop

M. Anıl Keskinbalta, M. Yeşim Çelik


The effects of environmental factors and reproductive activities on proximate composition of freshwater mussels, Unio pictorum, was investigated from February 2013 to February 2014 in Sinop, Turkey. Environmental parameters including total particulate matter, inorganic matter and organic matter, chlorophyll-a and temperature were determined monthly during the experimental period. Mean protein, lipid, moisture and meat yield were 56.03±0.79%, 4.42±0.31%, 82.19±0.21% and 21.75±0.91%, respectively. The obtained data indicate that the proximate composition of mussels is highly correlated with environmental factors and reproduction cycle. In conclusion, freshwater mussel based protein should be evaluated an alternative source of protein for the feed industry.


Freshwater mussels; proximate composition; Unio pictorum; Chemical; Turkey

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