The Effect of Shearing on Some Fattening Performance of Intensive Fattening Lambs

Ali Karabacak, Yasin Altay


This study was carried out to investigate the effect of shearing on fattening performance characteristics of Akkaraman and Awassi lambs that were fattened intensively. 10 Akkaraman and 8 Awassi male lambs were used in the study. During the fattening period, the animals were given 150 g of dried alfalfa and concentrated feed ad-libitum. In the study, Akkaraman and Awassi lambs were divided into two experimental groups as shearing and non-shearing. The total weight gains, daily live weight gains, feed consumptions and feed conservation coefficients of lambs before and after shearing were 8.017 kg, 286 g, 47.14 kg and 5.945 and 8.606 kg, 307 g, 42.21 kg and 5.029, respectively. On the other hand, total live weight gain of lambs without shearing was 7.802 kg, daily live weight gain was 279 g, feed consumption was 42.06 kg and feed conservation coefficient were 6.00. As a result of the study, the differences between some fattening performance means of shearing and non-shearing groups were statistically insignificant.


Akkaraman; Awassi; Shearing; Fattening performance; Alfalfa

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