Evaluation of the Energy Analyses of Wheat Production at the Geographical Regions of Turkey

Ebubekir Altuntaş, Engin Ozgoz, Mustafa Guzel


In this study, the energy analyses of wheat production were compared for various geographic regions as Central Anatolia, Black Sea, Mediterranean, Eastern Anatolia and the Marmara. For this purpose, the data obtained from different studies conducted in these geographical regions were used. Five key indicators to assess the energy analyses in wheat production in the geographical regions of Turkey (energy profitability, specific energy, energy efficiency, energy use and net energy) were considered. As a result, the lowest specific energy was obtained in the Mediterranean/Adana region with 2.22 MJ kg-1, while the highest specific energy was obtained in the East Anatolia with 10.51 MJ kg-1. The lowest and highest energy use efficiency was obtained with 2.36 and 7.88 in the Black Sea/Samsun and East Anatolia/Erzurum region, respectively. The highest energy use rate is fertilizer energy in total input energy of the wheat production for geographical regions of Turkey.


Geographical regions; Turkey; wheat; energy productivity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v8i9.2011-2016.3724

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