Relationship of Broodstock Weight and Hatching Yield of III. Generation (F3) Black Sea Trout (Salmo trutta labrax Pallas, 1814)

Hakan Baki, Eyüp Çakmak, Birol Baki, Cemil Altundaş


In this study, this was the aimed to determine the reproduction and hatching yields in different weight groups in hatchery origin rootstocks (F3) Black Sea trout (Salmo trutta labrax Pallas, 1814). In this study, the female fishes which produced from natural rootstock were used average weight 1437±134.6 g (Group I) 2737±210.2 g (Group II) and 3785±162.3 g (Group III). After the stripping process; according to the groups, were determined respectively eggs absolute fecundity (number of eggs/broodfish) is average 2353±205, 5361±506, 6603±491, relative fecundity (number of eggs/kg)) is average1687±166, 1968±194, 1744±114. The egg diameter (mm) 4.89±0.16, 5.28±0.07, 5.31±0.06 egg weight (mg) 77±6, 90±4, 96±3 groups I., II. and III. respectively was calculated. The fertilization ratio (%) 95.49±1.23, 96.49±1.14, 98.39±0.52, browse rate (%) 79.97±5.36, 84.20±5.23, 94.70±1.50, has been identified. The output rate (%) 60.57±7.86, 67.66±6.42, 84.83±3.09, the hatchery efficiency (%) 58.14±7.95, 69.77±6.25, 83.51±3.29 was found. relative fecundity average value 168±160, 1968±194, 1744±114.The existence of relationship among the weight of the brood-stock, absolute fecundity (0.0198, 0.0012, 0.3499), and relative egg fecundity (0.3415, 0.0494, 0.00) was tested by regression analysis and consequently the difference between groups were significant. This was determined that between fish weight and absolute fecundity relationship is weak directly proportional for each group, between fish weight and relative fecundity is weak inversely proportional in Group I and II, the Group III is weak for directly proportional.


Black Sea trout; Salmo trutta labrax; Reproduction; Hatching; Yield; Eggs

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