The Current Situation and Financial Performance Analyses of Rice Farmers Associations

Faruk Adıgüzel, Nuray Kızılaslan


The aim of this study is to determine the current situation and to analyze financial performance of rice farmers associations. The data obtained with the questionnaire method from a single rice farmers association selected as purposeful constitute material of the research. First, a general assessment of the association was conducted, and then, the financial performance of the association was analyzed using Financial Statement Analysis, Percentage Method, Trend Analysis and Ratio Analysis techniques with the aid of financial statement and income chart for the period of 2011-2013. As a result, it is determined association was founded in 2006, have a total of 220 active members and 10 women members in district and 18 villages and two university graduate staff. In addition, management and audit committee members are men, middle-aged, and primary or secondary graduated. The participation rate of members in general assembly is high. The important problems of the association are lack of solidarity among members and irregular payment of membership’s fee. In the period under investigation, decreased use of external resource, strengthening equity and increased profitability in the association were determined. It is possible to develop association as financial statue with positive relationships between association and members and activation of association in terms of marketing.


Rice Farmers Association; Current situation; Financial performance analyze

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