Determination of reproductive characteristics of Echelus myrus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the Aegean Sea

Burcu Taylan, İlker Aydın


The present study which determined the reproduction characteristics of the painted eel Echelus myrus (Linnaeus, 1758) obtained by commercial trawlers from three different regions of Ildır Bay, Çeşme (Aegean Sea) was carried out March-April 2018. The total length-weight values were 55.5-97.0 (70.63±12.85) cm, 180.84-420.83 (276.50±70.50), respectively, and total length-weight relationship was computed as W=0.2936L1.61 (R2=0.96). Fecundity was computed as 25563-55016 (41811±9416) oocyte and a linear relationship between fecundity and total length was calculated as F=658.54L-5603.9 (R2=0.86). Oocyte diameterswere determined 0.84-1.09 mm (0.95±0.06).


Echelus myrus; Fecundity; Fecundity-length relationship; Aegean Sea; Painted eel

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