A Research on Herbal and Quality Properties of Lice Local Tobacco as Genetic Source

Aydın Alp, Özlem Toncer, Sadettin Çelik


Tobaccos produced in Turkey are grouped under different names according to the different environmental properties and various characteristics of the regions where they were grown. Lice tobacco is an important local tobacco variety cultivated under Lice-Hazro and Kulp districts conditions. In recent years, a large number of tobacco origin and village populations disappeared from production and faced the danger of extinction. Especially the Lice local tobacco variety has gained a very good adaptation ability against the stress factors of the region. Different environmental factors such as high altitude, stony areas and high temperature, low rainfall and low nitrogen soils have determined the important quality characteristics that distinguish Lice tobacco from other tobacco types. The short plant height and reverse conical plant shape in Lice Tobacco produced in Lice District and around of Diyarbakır draws attention firstly. In Lice tobacco, the number of leaves per plant is 15-17 pieces / plant, the ratio of the length of the leaves to the width (38 cm / 23 cm), the elliptical leaf blade, dark green leaves and plant color, early flowering, the petal color is pinkish red. It is a local variety with high cigarette yield, low nicotine ratio (1-2%), protein nitrogen ratio 1%, total reducing substance ratio 15%, and the highest alkaloid ratio. In this study, the plant and quality characteristics of the local Lice tobacco variety, which has a high degree of genetic diversity, were investigated in farmer conditions and the differences with other Eastern and Southeastern Anatolian tobacco varieties were tried to be revealed.


Lice tobacco; tobacco genetic resources; oriental tobacco; local tobacco varieties; Diyarbakır

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