Determination of Phomological and Phenological Properties of Some Apple Cultivars in Konya Ecological Conditions

Şeyma Arıkan, Muzaffer İpek, Lütfi Pırlak


The aim of the study was to define the phenological and phomological properties of some apple cultivars grafted on dwarf rootstocks (M9 and M26) under the ecological conditions of Konya. At this study bud swelling, bud breaking, the beginning of blooming, full blooming and the harvesting dates of the apple varieties of Summer Red, Jersey Mac, Red Chief, Braeburn, Jonagold, Golden Delicious and Fuji were determined. As a result of the study, the full blooming was occurred between 5-19 May. The harvesting dates of the varieties were occurred between 27 July and 13 November. The average weights of the varieties were determined as 97.48 g (Jersey Mac) and 177.96 g (Red Chief). The highest soluble solid content were determined from Golden Delicous as 13.29%. The yield per tree of apple cultivars was determined Summer Red (14.02 kg/tree), Golden Delicious (12.21 kg/tree) and Fuji (11.87 kg/tree) respectively.


Apple cultivars; Phenological phases; Fruit quality features; Yield; Konya

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