Wheat Flour Alternatives Used in Tarhana Production

Ceyda Dadalı, Yeşim Elmacı


The aim of this study was to investigate the possibilities of using various flour substitutes instead of wheat flour in the production of tarhana, which is a fermented food. In the studies examined for this purpose, various legume and cereal flours (oats, quinoa, lupine, wheat germ, chickpeas, beans, corn, rice, buckwheat and lentil flours), tomato paste production waste (tomato seed, tomato pulp, pepper seed, pepper pulp), potato starch, chestnut flour, carob flour, hazelnut pulp, almond pulp, and fish meat were substituted for wheat flour. With these substitutions used instead of wheat flour in the production of tarhana, it was aimed to increase the nutritional properties of the tarhana, improve its sensory properties and quality features. Alternative flours used in the production of tarhana were investigated in this study. According to the results obtained from the compiled studies, tarhana produced with the use of substitute flour will be an alternative to demand of consumers with high functional, natural and nutritional quality.


Wheat flour; Substitution; Tarhana; Gluten free; Enrichment

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