Cotoneaster Transcaucasicus Pojark. Determination of Bioactive Component Amounts and Antioxidant Activities in Fruit Extracts

Fatma Ergün


In this study, the total phenolic and flavonoid contents and antioxidant activities of hexane and methanol extracts of Cotoneaster transcaucasicus Pojark. fruits in the Rosaceae family were investigated. Using the Folin-Ciocaltaeu method, the amount of phenolic substances was determined as 50.34 ± 2.70 mg of GAE/g in methanol extract and 38.06 ± 1.32 mg of GAE/g in hexane extract. The total amount of flavonoids was calculated as 52.01 ± 3.78 mg of QE/g in the methanol extract and 60.54 ± 6.82 mg of QE/g in the hexane extract, using the aluminum nitrate method. Antioxidant activities of C. transcaucasicus hexane and methanol extracts were evaluated by DPPH and FRAP methods. IC50 values of the extracts were calculated as 0.411 mg/mL for hexane extract and 0.237 mg/mL for methanol extract. In addition, it was determined that the reducing antioxidant power of Fe3+-Fe2+ was higher in hexane extract. As a result, it has been observed that the phenolic and flavonoid content and antioxidant activities of C. transcaucasicus fruits are high. This study is the first study in C. transcaucasicus species and it is thought that it will lead the future studies.


Cotoneaster transcaucasicus; DPPH; FRAP; Antioxidant; Bioactive substance

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