A Study on the Definition of Some Biochemical Parameters and Oxidative Status According to Milk Yield in Cows

Neşe Hayat Aksoy, Caner Öztürk, Tahir Karaşahin, Şükrü Dursun


Our study, which investigates the factors affecting milk yield at metabolic and oxidative stress levels in Holstein breed cows raised in Aksaray Region, is the first at the regional level. It was aimed to perform biochemical and antioxidant screenings according to milk yield levels in healthy Holstein cows raised in the province, and thus, together with the determination of general metabolic parameters, the differences in total antioxidant and total oxidant levels according to milk yield were investigated. Glucose, total protein, albumin, globulin, total cholesterol, triglyceride, and calcium were analysed from blood samples taken from Holstein cows that have been determined to be healthy, in milk yield age in a province’ s enterprises were analysed by using commercial test kits in a semi-analyser device. Total antioxidant and total oxidant levels were analysed spectrophotometrically with commercial kits. Statistical analysis was made with Basic Statistics Xs Display Descriptive Statistics in Minitab 16 ready-made package program. Biochemical parameters studied in sera obtained from 5 different groups from the lowest to the highest were found to be statistically significant with a positive correlation. Total oxidant level, total antioxidant level and oxidative stress indices, in which the general oxidant status was screened, were found to be correlated with milk yield in proportion to the intense metabolic and physiological status of the animals and were found to be significant. With this study, the data obtained by eliminating a deficiency in this field both contribute to the literature knowledge in the scientific area and provide useful knowledge in the field.


Biochemical Parameters; Holstein; Total Antioxidant Level; Total Oxidant Level; Milk yield

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v9i8.1573-1579.4507

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