Overview of Agrochemicals Application Practices on Tomato Farm by Smallholders at Koka, Meki and Ziway, Ethiopia





Koka, Meki, pesticide, tomato, Ziway


Promoting the agricultural sector with up-to-date technologies and inputs is convenient to enhance productivity. Production intervention is needed by introducing and adopting proper agronomic practices. Improved agricultural technologies increase production, quality, sustain food security, economic development and natural resource conservation. Koka, Meki and Ziway are known for their vegetable production as well as intensive agrochemicals consumption. Agrochemicals are applied on farm to enhance soil fertility, reduce pathogens, and induce plant growth. Tomato is one of the main commercial cash crops in these areas. Most commercially productive tomato varieties are highly sensitive to disease, vulnerable to nutrient deficiency, and other abiotic stress that requires rigorous agrochemical inputs. Ethiopian tomato production is very low due to various contributing factors including lack of improved varieties, diseases, pests, poor farming system, soil fertility maintenance as well as poor irrigation system. Farmers in the study areas applied inaccurate agrochemicals dose, rate, and application schedule that foster repeated spray. Intense agrochemical application leads to adverse environmental and health impacts due to deposit of toxic chemicals, residue leakage to water bodies and air pollution. It is important to practice proper agricultural inputs, reduce hazardous chemical residues, protect humans, other beneficial organisms and the environment. Moreover, developing IPM technology is recommended for better healthy agricultural production and sustainability.




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Haile, D., Tesfaye, B., & Assefa, F. (2022). Overview of Agrochemicals Application Practices on Tomato Farm by Smallholders at Koka, Meki and Ziway, Ethiopia. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(4), 781–786. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v10i4.781-786.4672



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