Selection of Almonds of Niğde Altunhisar Region

Gülsüm Alkan, Faik Ekmel Tekintaş, Halil Güner Seferoğlu, Engin Ertan


This study was to carried out to determine of promosing almond genotypes in Altunhisar county of Niğde province in 2013. 280 genotypes in terms of nut size, suture opening of the shell, shell thickness, softness of the shell, kernel color intensity, shriveling of kernel, kernel pubescence, kernel taste, percentage of double kernel, percentage of sound kernel, nut weight, shell thickness, nut length, nut width, nut thickness, nut shape, marking of outer shell, shell color, kernel weight, kernel length, kernel width, kernel thickness, kernel ratio, kernel size, percentages of twin kernels, width indice and thickness indice were examined. The genotyips had more than 0.70 g kernel weight and %25 kernel rate were taken for evaluation, Total Weight-Ranked Points were calculated with considering genotype quality situations. Nut size, suture opening of the shell, softness of the shell, kernel color, shriveling of kernel, kernel pubescence, kernel taste, percentage of double kernel, percentage of sound kernel etc. characters were used. 15 genotypes (98, 160, 196, 187, 162, 191, 282, 168, 176, 261, 213, 6, 112, 147, 241 ) taken highest points were selected as promosing genotypes. Selected genotypes had 2.37 (no 187) – 3.80 (no 241) g nut weight; 0.71 (no 187) – 1.0 (no 241) g kernel weight; %25.17 (no 162) - 29.97 (no 6) kernel ratio; 1.96 (no 282) – 3.29 (no 162) mm shell thickness; %0.00 – 19.00 percentage of double kernel; %0.00 – 5.00 percentage of twin kernel. It was found that in terms of softness of the shell,15 genotype was very hard; in terms of kernel weight, 14 genotypes were small and 1 genotype was medium; in terms of kernel taste, 12 genotypes were sweet and 3 genotypes were intermediate; in terms of kernel pubescence, 6 genotypes were intermediate, 9 genotypes were low; in terms of color intensity, 8 genotypes were intermediate light and 1 genotype was light and 6 genotypes were dark. In the begining of vegetation in 2014, in promosing genotypes, phenological observations will be taken and in the end of the second year of the research, superior genotypes will be determined.


Almond; Selection; Genotype; Niğde; Altunhisar

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