Alternative Poultry Breeding: Guinea Fowl Breeding

Sezai Alkan, İsmail Durmuş


Guinea fowl live on the Africa continent as wild and where used intensively family livestock farming in the rural. Although the homeland of the Africa continent, Guinea growing rapidly increasing in the World. Nowadays, Guinea fowl is an important alternative genetic resource can be used in organic livestock farming which developing quickly. Able to adapt to different climatic conditions, have an economic efficiency level in the don’t good environmental conditions and being resistant to diseases are the biggest advantages. Besides, Guinea fowl eats insects, ticks, worms, mouse and snakes, especially in the surrounding of the livestock farming in the rural it can be used for biological control of these pests easily. Because of these advantages, Guinea fowl has a potential for alternative poultry production in Turkey. In this review, importance and general characteristics of Guinea fowl are given.


Guinea fowl; Raising; Egg production; Incubation; Feeding

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