Genetic Relationship of Seven Endemic Inula L. (Asteraceae) Species Grown in Turkey




Inula, ISSR-PCR, Genetic, Endemic, Turkey


In this study, genetic relationship of ISSR markers of seven endemic Inula species distributed in Turkey was carried out. Plant samples were collected from different regions of Turkey in 2013 and gDNA was obtained by DNA isolation from green leaves. Genetic relationship between species was determined using 12 ISSR primers. PCR products were run on agarose gel electrophoresis and visualized under UV light. All gel images were examined and the presence and absence of polymorphic bands were scored as 0 and 1. A total of 85 bands were obtained from the primers. Of these, 74 polymorphic and 11 monomorphic bands were obtained. The total polymorphism rate was found to be approximately 87.05%. The phylogenetic tree and genetic distances between species were calculated using the PAUP 0 4.0b10 analysis program. According to the distance matrix, the genetic distance was found between the closest Inula helenium subsp. orgyalis and Inula helenium subsp. vanensis (0.29851), while the farthest between Inula sarana and Inula macrocephala (0.56000) species. The phylogenetic tree was obtained using the UPGMA algorithm, and the tree consisted of two groups. The results were compared with the morphological, palynological nrDNA and cpDNA results of the past. Our findings supported previous studies.




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Sevindik, E., Paksoy, M. Y., & Sevindik, M. (2022). Genetic Relationship of Seven Endemic Inula L. (Asteraceae) Species Grown in Turkey. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(4), 678–681.



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