An Investigation into the Environmental Sensitivity and Awareness Level-A Case Study of Sarayönü District, Konya

Muhammed Kamil Öden, Sezen Küçükçongar, Zehra Gök


The purpose of this study is to determine the environmental sensitivity and awareness level of the inhabitants in Konya, Sarayönü districts. In today’s world, the environment is rapidly being polluted and pollution rate is being increased by human beings. In this regards, the viewpoints of Sarayönü people on the environment and environmental elements are revealed. For this purpose, a research include variables such as gender, age, job and education level was carried out by using a questionnaire made up of 16 questions. The questionnaire was applied to 314 males and 286 females, totaling 600 participants. The research serves to raise an awareness of environment and environmental sensitivity. The findings showed that the people in Sarayönü have a high level of environmental sensitivity. Females tended to reflect a higher level of sensivitiy to the environment than males. The participants opted for air pollution as being the most important environmental element among the air, water, soil etc. pollution.


Environmental sensitivity; Environmental awareness; Environmental Pollution; Sarayönü; Statistics

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