Effect of Growing Media on Yield and Fruitbody Properties of Hericium Isolates

Funda Atila, Yüksel Tüzel


In the present study, it was aimed to determinate the effects of different substrates on mycelial growth, fructification, yield, sizes and colours of fruit bodies of Hericium isolates (HE-Ankara, HE-Denizli, HE, HE-Trabzon, HE-İzmit, HC, HE-Amerika). Experiments were conducted with 7 different substrates prepared with oak sawdust (MT), wheat bran (BK), cotton seed hulls (PK) and olive press cake (ZP) (80MT:20BK, 90MT:10PK, 80MT:20PK, 70MT:30PK, 90MT:10ZP, 80MT:20ZP, 70MT:30ZP). 1 kg (wet weight) of substrates were packed in polypropylene autoclaveable bags of 25x45 cm and sterilized in autoclave at 121oC during 90 minutes. Sterilized substrate was inoculated and then carried to growing room at 25±2ºC. After full colonization, the bags were exposed to 400 lux for a 12 hours photoperiod at 20±2ºC with a humidity of 80-90% in a cropping room. The best yield and BE were detected from oak sawdust medium supplemented with 20 and 30% cotton seed hulls on HE-Ankara, HE-Denizli, HE, HE-İzmit, HC, HE-Amerika isolates while the best yield and BE were detected from 70MT:30ZP on Trabzon isolate. Significant differences were found among substrates regarding yield, BE, average mushroom weigh, fruit body size and colour of Hericium isolates.


Hericium; Cotton seed hulls; Olive pres cake; Fruitbody size; Fruitbody color

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