Impacts of In Ovo Feeding of DL-Methionine on Hatchability and Chick Weight

İsa Coşkun, Güray Erener, Ahmet Şahin, Ufuk Karadavut, Aydın Altop, Aylin Ağma Okur


The aim of this study was to determine the effect of in ovo DL-methionine injection into the fertile broiler eggs on hatchability and relative chick weight. In the trial, 132 fertile broiler eggs were obtained from a breeder flock (34-wk-old Ross 308 parent stock). Fertile eggs were randomly assigned to two experimental groups. Experimental groups were 1) Control 2) DL-methionine injected group with three replicates. Injections were carried out at the 16th day of incubation. At the end of the study, hatchability was 90.29%, and 84.74% in control and DL-methionine injected eggs respectively. Relative chick weights were 70.04% and 72.70% control and DL-methionine injected group respectively. At the end of the study, it determined that injection of DL-methionine increased 3.8% relative chick weight according to control. It suggested that DL-methionine may use as an in ovo feed additive for obtain heavier chick.


In ovo; DL-methionine; Broiler; Hatchability; Fertile egg

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