The Present and Future Statues of Animal Presence in Turkey; The Declination of TR83 Area

Gülistan Erdal, Hilmi Erdal, Hatice Yavuz, Ali Çallı


In this study, the cattle and small cattle presence in Turkey and in the area of TR83 which consists of Amasya, Çorum, Samsun and Tokat provinces were analysed. Trend analysis were carried out using the data obtained from cattle and small cattle presence with the help of the values of the period of 1996 – 2014 and estimated values for 2020 were specified. It is seen in the projections for the 2020 that, domestic cattle breeds are expected to be decreased in number whereas it is expected to be increased in the TR83 area. Also it is estimated that the number of the whole animal existence which are investigated by the study will increase by the year 2020. It is beyond question that the positive effects of the present policies supporting stockbreeding on this increase is apparent. In this sense, the determination of the contribution of present stockbreeding support policies to the sector and their effectiveness and the investigation of their faulting aspects are important in order to develop more accurate and effective policies.


Stockbreeding in Turkey; TR83 area; Animal presence; Stockbreeding supplements; Agricultural supports

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