Morphometric Features of Freshwater Mussel Unio crassus (Philipsson, 1788) Population Inhabiting Dipsiz-Çine Stream (Aydin)

Özgen Yılmaz, Murat Barlas


Recent study was carried out on 6 sampling stations chosen from Dipsiz-Çine Stream between March-October 2010 to determine the morphometric features of 176 specimens collected. In the extent of current study, data related with weight, width, length and height, and distribution of individual numbers of Unio crassus, which is inhabiting Dipsiz-Çine Stream, according to months and sampling stations were presented. 176 individuals of Unio crassus were caught by hand and measured by use of caliper and precision scale, and weight, width, length, height parameters were compared according to months and sampling points, and a monthly image of this distribution was presented. Maximum number of mussel individuals determined as 115 from IV. sampling point. Lowest numbers of individuals were found from II. sampling point as 1. It is aimed to contribute to data pool of Unio crassus by this study which includes data concerning the time before the construction of Çine Adnan Menderes Dam.


Morphometry; Dipsiz-Çine Stream; Unio crassus; Freshwater mussel; Dam

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