The Importance of Drying for Valorization of 2-Phase Olive Pomace

Ulaş Baysan, Mehmet Koç, Figen Ertekin


With starting healthy consumption awareness in people throughout world, olive oil demand has increased and it is expected that this demand will increase day by day. As a result of increase in the demand for olive oil, the rise in amount of olive pomace that emerges after olive oil production is evident. The differences in olive oil production methods result in varied wastes in terms of property and quantity. Olive mill waste water and olive pomace possessing 35-40% moisture come out in 3-phase system while only olive pomace possessing 60-70% moisture comes out in 2-phase system. The quantity and pollution degree of waste water coming out in 3-phase system are considerably high from 2-phase system. Recycling of 2-phase olive pomace containing also olive mill waste water, which is highly harmful for environment and is generally discharged to nature without any treatment, is considerably important by processing. This review gives information about the necessity of drying of olive pomace and related studies with this subject.


Olive pomace ;2-phase extraction system; Waste valorization; Drying; Type of dryer

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