Effect of Soaking and Boiling on Anti-nutritional Factors, Oligosaccharide Contents and Protein Digestibility of Newly Developed Bambara Groundnut Cultivars

Olaposi Adeleke, Oladipupo Qudus Adiamo, Olumide Samson Fawale, Gbeminiyi Olamiti


Newly developed Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea L.) seeds (Accessions No: TVSU 5 – Bambara Groundnut White (BGW) and TVSU 146 – Bambara Groundnut Brown (BGB)) were collected from International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nigeria, planted and harvested. The effects of processing methods (soaking and boiling) on anti-nutritional factors and oligosaccharides content and protein digestibility of BGW and BGB compared with Bambara groundnut commercial (BGC) seeds were investigated. Soaking and boiling significantly reduced the anti-nutritional factors of the samples and the effect increased as processing time was elongated. Sample BGC had lower anti-nutritional factors than BGW and BGB after soaking for 48 h. Tannin contents of the samples were reduced drastically by 99 % throughout the soaking periods. Greatest loss in raffinose level was observed in BGB (59%) and BGW (50%) after boiling for 60 min compared with BGC (43%). The loss in stachyose content of the samples varies with processing and BGC (59%) had greatest loss after boiling for 60 min while soaking for 48 h reduced that of BGB and BGW by 57 and 35%, respectively. Boiling for 60 min increased the in vitro protein digestibility of BGB (89.34 %) compared with BGW (87.48%) and BGC (82.89%). Overall, the results demonstrated that soaking and boiling of newly developed Bambara groundnut seeds could improve the nutritive quality of the seeds.


Bambara groundnut; soaking; boiling; antinutrients; oligosaccharides; protein digestibility

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