Comparation of Spermatological Characteristics in Carasobarbus luteus (H., 1843) and Carassius carassius (L., 1758) Living in Atatürk Dam Lake

Faruk Aral, Zafer Doğu, Erdinç Şahinöz


The aim of this study was to determine the main spermatological properties in Carasobarbus luteus (H., 1843) and Carassius carassius (L., 1758) in Atatürk Dam Lake. Sperm was collected by abdominal massage from thirty C. luteus and twenty C. carassius. Milt volume (ml), spermatozoa motility (%), motility duration (s), spermatozoa concentration (x109/ml) and pH in C. luteus and C. carassius were 0.72±0.08 ml and 1.03±0.20 ml, %57.67±3.67 and % 81.00±1.43, 190.30±11.25 s and 107.30±12.03 s, 13.15±1.33 and 10.53±1.28x109/ml, 8.13±0.11 and 7.60±0.04, respectively. The spermatozoa motility, motility duration, spermatozoa concentration and pH was found significant compared with fish species group.


Carasobarbus luteus; Carassius carassius; Fish; Sperm; Spawning season

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