The Length-Weight, Length-Length Relationship and Condition Factor of Angora Loach, Oxynoemacheilus angorae (Steindachner, 1897) Inhabiting Kılıçözü Stream in Kızılırmak River Basin (Central Anatolia-Turkey)

Okan Yazıcıoğlu, Ramazan Yazıcı


In this study, length-weight relationship (LWR), length- length relationship (LLR) and condition factor (K) of Angora loach, Oxynoemacheilus angorae were determined. A total of 103 specimens were sampled from Kılıçözü Stream in 2014. The length and weight of specimens were ranged 3.5-9.8 cm and 0.38-6.58 g, respectively. Length-weight relationships for female, male and all samples were found as W= 0.01056.TL2.896 (r²= 0.923), W= 0.00963.TL2.940 (r²= 0.978) and W= 0.00987.TL2.929 (r²= 0.963), respectively. LWRs indicated an isometric growth in female, male and all samples. The values of Fulton’s condition factor (K) ranged from 0.699 to 1.246 for females and from 0.654 to 1.072 for males. All length-length relationships were statistically significant.


Angora loach; Length-weight relationship; Condition factor; Kızılırmak River; Turkey.

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