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Vol 7, No 3 (2019) The Effects of Social Impact, Environmental Awareness and Environmental Consciousness on Green Product Purchasing Behaviour Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Ebru Onurlubaş
Vol 5, No 7 (2017) The Effects of Some Drugs Used to Treat Honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) Diseases and Pests on Lifespan of Honeybees Abstract   PDF
Duran Özkök, Ethem Akyol
Vol 6, No 12 (2018) The Effects of Some Environmental Factors on Birth Weight and Estimation of Heritability and Repeatability for Birth Weight of Akkaraman Sheep in Konya Province Abstract   PDF
Ayhan Öztürk, Şükrü Doğan, Uğur Zülkadir, Halil Kayar
Vol 3, No 9 (2015) The Effects of Using Gamma Irradiated Wheat and Barley in Layer Diets on Egg Product Parameters and Quality Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Turgay Yıldız, Necmettin Ceylan
Vol 5, No 12 (2017) The Effects of Vermicompost on Yield and Some Growth Parameters of Lettuce Abstract   PDF
Alper Durak, Özlem Altuntaş, İbrahim Kutalmış Kutsal, Rabia Işık, Fırat Ege Karaat
Vol 6, No 10 (2018) The Effects on Selected Some Agricultural Crops of Deficiency Payment Supports in Turkey Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Hasan Gökhan Doğan
Vol 6, No 4 (2018) The Effects on Water Consumption and Some Growth Parameters of Different Level of Leonardite in Curly Leaf Salad (Lactuva sativa var. crispa) Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Sertan Sesveren, Berrin Taş
Vol 7, No 3 (2019) The Egg Production, Hatchability, Growing, Slaughter and Carcass Characteristics of Geese (Anser Anser) Reared under Breeders Conditions in Kars Province; I. Egg Production and Hatchability Characteristics Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Kadir Önk, Turgut Kırmızıbayrak
Vol 5, No 13 (2017): Special Issue (OTBIYOSEM) The Endemism Situation of Turkish Harvestmen (Opiliones) Fauna Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Kemal Kurt, Ömer Köksal Erman, Hakan Demir, Osman Seyyar
Vol 5, No 2 (2017) The Estimation of Biomass in Phaeodactylum Tricornutum Cultures Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Burcu Ak, Gökhan Tamer Kayaalp, Oya Işık, Melis Çelik Güney
Vol 4, No 1 (2016) The Estimation of Heritability of Weekly Body Weights in Japanese Quails with MINQUE(Minimum Quadratic Unbiased Estimation) Method Abstract   PDF
Gökhan Tamer Kayaalp, Mikail Baylan, Sibel Canoğulları
Vol 5, No 8 (2017) The Evaluation of Alkali Grass (Puccinellia ciliata Bor) Populations in Aydin Province of Turkey Abstract   PDF
İlkay Yavaş, Aydın Ünay
Vol 4, No 9 (2016) The Evaluation of Fruit Sapling Producing Enterprises by the SWOT Analysis in Hatay Province Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Nuran Tapkı, Faruk Emeksiz, Erdal Dağıstan
Vol 5, No 2 (2017) The Examination of Environmental Design Principles in Public Institutions in the Example of the Current Landscape Design of Konya Courthouse Abstract   PDF
Sertaç Güngör
Vol 5, No 4 (2017) The Examination of The Main Transportation Arteries of Konya In Terms of Landscape Architecture Design Criteria Abstract   PDF
Sertaç Güngör, Ahmet Tuğrul Polat
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) The Excretion of Ca, Mg, Zn and Cu Through Excreta of Laying Hens Fed Two Different Levels of Protein with and without Phytase Abstract   PDF
Skender Muji, Alltane Kryeziu, Muhamet Kamberi, Ragip Kastrati, Nuridin Mestani
Vol 5, No 4 (2017) The first Report of The Parasitic Copepod Bomolochus unicirrus (Copepoda: Bomolochidae) From Turkey Abstract   PDF
İbrahim Demirkale, Argun Akif Özak, Yetkin Sakarya
Vol 5, No 6 (2017) The General Effects of Dioxins on Livestock Feeding Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Süleyman Çalışlar, Mesut Karaman
Vol 6, No 10 (2018) The General Situation of Amateur Fisheries in Tunceli Province Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Burcu Taylan, Hülya Sayğı, Banu Kutlu
Vol 5, No 8 (2017) The Heritage of Nature: Heritage Trees Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Zöhre Polat
Vol 6, No 9 (2018) The Impact of Feeding Factors on Holstein Dairy Farms Costs in Kosovo Abstract   PDF
Fatos Krasniqi, Muhamet Kamberi, Enkelejda Emiri-Sallaku, Ragip Kastrati, Myqerem Tafaj
Vol 4, No 10 (2016) The Impact of Integrated Management for Salt Tolerant Forage Production on Small Farmers Poverty Egypt Case Study (Sahl El-Tina) Abstract   PDF
Sherine Fathy Mansour, Dalia Elsaid Abozaid
Vol 5, No 8 (2017) The Importance of Barley Varieties in terms of Production, Marketing and Processing Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Rahmi Taşcı, Zeki Bayramoğlu
Vol 1, No 2 (2013) The Importance of Chitosan Films in Food Industry Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Filiz Uçan, Hatice Aysun Mercimek
Vol 5, No 2 (2017) The Importance of Drying for Valorization of 2-Phase Olive Pomace Abstract   PDF (Türkçe)
Ulaş Baysan, Mehmet Koç, Figen Ertekin
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