Determination of Students' Consumption Behavior Based on Their Awareness of Food Safety: The Case of Ordu University




Food safety, Level of awareness, Purchase behavior, Food consumption, Consumption behaviour


The aim of this study was to determine students' consumption behavior based on their awareness of food safety. Data were collected using survey method. Study sample consisted of 400 students of Ünye Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Ordu University, Turkey. Chi-square test was used to determine whether participants‘ levels of awareness of food safety differed by socio-economic characteristics. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to determine differences in mean scores among awareness groups (low, medium and high) in terms of reading the nutrition information on food labels, food purchasing venues to be reliable and factors affecting food purchase decisions. Results showed that expiry date was the most important factor in food purchase decisions, followed by dates of production and packaging. Participants‘ levels of awareness of food safety significantly differed by the proportion of monthly income allocated to food and their preference for cheap foods containing GMO. Supermarkets were ranked the most reliable venues for safe food purchasing, followed by groceries and greengrocers. Results also showed that food purchase decisions of the low and medium awareness groups were mostly affected by their families while those of the high awareness group were mostly affected by their doctors. Results indicate that firstly parents' awareness should be raised about food safety and safe food consumption so that future generations can be more conscious of these issues. In addition, courses on these matters should be included in curricula, and seminars or workshops should be held to raise students' awareness of food safety.



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Öztürk, D., Aydın Eryılmaz, G., & Kılıç, O. (2019). Determination of Students’ Consumption Behavior Based on Their Awareness of Food Safety: The Case of Ordu University. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 7(10), 1611–1617.



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