Effect on Birth and Other Weights of The Lambs of Add Feeding at Late Gestation in Akkaraman Sheep

Emre Şirin, Ümit Uçan, Uğur Şen, Ercan Soydan


This study was carried out to determine of effect of supplemental feeding during the late gestation on birth and other weights of lambs from Akkaraman sheep breed raised in Kırşehir. Data were collected from 554 Akkaraman lambs from 580 Akkaraman sheep which were born during 2015 birth season. Akkaraman sheep were divided into two groups. Wheat straw is given to both groups during pregnancy. Supplemental feeding group group (EYG), was given to concentrated feed supplement (400 g/animal) in addition to wheat straw during the last gestation period. Control group (KG) was given only wheat straw during pregnancy. In this study, the live weights, survival rates of the lambs in various periods and reproductive traits of Akkaraman ewes were investigated. The averages of reproductive traits of Akkarman sheep such as sterility, fertility, twins, abortion, fecundity and litter size in EYG and KG groups were %12, %9, %86, %91, %13, %5, %2, %0, 0.96, 0.95 and 1.12, 1.04, respectively. The survival rates of lambs on 90th days and 150th days in EYG and KG groups were determined as 84, 80% and 91, 91%, respectively. The means of the birth, 90 and 150. days age live weights in EYG and KG groups were found as 5.82±0.06 kg, 30.94±0.44 kg, 34.47±0.44 kg and 3.43±0.04 kg, 30.17±0.04 kg, 30.96±0.38 kg respectively. The effects of supplemental feeding, sex and birth type were found to be significant on the 120. days age on birth and live weights of sheep. The effects of birth type were found to be significant on the 90. days age live weights of sheep. As a result, supplemental feeding during the late gestation are increased live weights.


Sheep; Lamb; Akkaraman; Birth; Live weight

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