Different Properties and Importance of Pancratium maritimum Naturally Grown in Turkey

Sevim Demir, Fisun Gürsel Çelikel


Sea daffodil (Pancratium maritimum L.) is the only known Pancratium species that is naturally grown in Turkey, belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family, a group of monocotyledons. P. maritimum L. is a perennial Mediterranean plant. It grows naturally in the sandy coasts of Tukey. P. maritimum, which finds a living area right next to the sea, is a drought-tolerant plant that is exposed to direct sea breezes and strong radiation with constantly high air humidity. The roots of modified stem bulbs sink down to 80 cm in the sand. The self-fertilized Sea daffodil is flowering in June-October. It was reported that P. maritimum is one of the rare and endangered plants of Turkey because of usage natural habitats of sand lilies as coasts, excessive collection flowers and bulbs. The landscape value of this geophyte is high with white and fragrant flowers. In addition to their potential usage as ornamental plants, their usage in pharmacology especially in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer and AIDS due to the medical properties of the modified stems and in other related industries increases their importance. It is also important to protect this genetic resource for biodiversity. In this review, botanical, biological and medicinal properties of P. maritimum as well as potential usage as ornamental plant, threats and importance of this species for Turkey were given and discussed.


Pancratium maritimum; Sea daffodils; Geophyte; Threats; Cultivation

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