Approaches to Agricultural Insurance Applications of Farmers Producing Vine Leaves: The Sample of Tokat Province

Sibel Ölmez Cangi, Rüstem cangi, Esen Oruç


This study presented was carried out in Tokat province of Turkey and its districts. Viticulture made as an agricultural activity in this region has focused on grapevine cultivation in recent years. In this study; be aware of the status producers of agricultural insurance and the trend towards agricultural insurance, reasons for had or not having an agricultural insurance, natural disasters that create risks in vineyards and producers expectation were determined to identify. The main material of study are data were obtained from questionnaire study. In this study, 34 farmers with agricultural insurance and 59 farmes who do not have agricultural insurance producers in the field for a total of 93 questionnaires were realized through face to face. The obtained data were interpreted by interpreting the percentage distribution tables, average, maximum and minimum calculations. According to the results of the study, Narince grape cultivars have been reported as the most commonly cultivated variety in the region. It was determined that this natural disaster risks, respectively, of which the most important of hail and frost damage. Regional vineyards are in the high risk group in terms of the frequency of natural disaster encounter 54.52% of producers are aware of agricultural insurance, 32.25% of producers insect grape products in different years until today. Producers who do not have agricultural insurance are the most important reason for not paying insurance that they do not believe that the claims payments are made in a complete, fair and timely manner and difficulty paying premiums. If vine leaf is included in the insurance, 65% of the producers have been declare that they can substantially insure.


Narince; Agricultural insurance; Risk in agriculture ;Brining vine leaves ; Tokat province

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