The Effect of Rosemary and Thyme Oil Addition on the Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum 1972) in Marinade Refrigerated Storage

Pelin Özlem Can, Gonca Kaşıkçı


In this study, rosemary and thyme oil extracts obtained using trout (Oncorhynchusmykiss) marinades of the chemical changes that occur during storage was investigated and effect on fatty acid composition of vegetable oil extracts used in the product are determined. Using three different formulations are made into fish fillets (M: 4% acetic acid-10% NaCl-0.1%, B: 4% acetic acid-10% NaCl-0.1% of rosemary oil extract, K: 4% acetic acid - 10% NaCl-%0.1 thymol oil extract) was marinated, after the maturation stage vacuum packaged at +4°C in the refrigerator conditions have been stored. Samples; 0 days 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 at the end of the month chemical analysis (pH, TBA, peroxide value, TVB-N, free fatty acids, fatty acid composition) were conducted. Experimental samples were evaluated in term of TVB-N determined M group samples 28.9 mg/100 g, B group samples19.2 mg/100 g and K group samples 14.12 mg/100 g in the third month of storage. When the samples of M group were evaluated in terms of TBA number, it was 5.84 mg MDA / kg at the 3rd month of storage and statistical difference was found to be significant with the other groups. The control group (M group) samples analysed were not performed for sensory deterioration at 4 and 5 months. After marination, the control group and K group samples decreased EPA and DHA during storage period, it was found statistically significant difference. When the fatty acid values of the samples belonging to the group containing rosemary were examined, caproic, myristic and palmitic acid amounts increased after the marinate and difference statistically significant.


Thyme; Rosemary; Trout; Marinated; Fatty acid composition; Chemical qualit

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