The Effects of Some Environmental Factors on Birth Weight and Estimation of Heritability and Repeatability for Birth Weight of Akkaraman Sheep in Konya Province

Ayhan Öztürk, Şükrü Doğan, Uğur Zülkadir, Halil Kayar


In this research, the effects of dam age and type of birth and sex of lambs on birth weight of Akkaraman lambs was investigated at village conditions in Konya province. Additionally, the heritability and repeatability of birth weight was estimated. The Least-squares means of birth weight was 4.07±0.04 kg. The effects of dam age, year, birth type and sex on birth weight were found statistically significant. The heritability and repeatability of birth weight were found as 0.052±0.04 and 0.130±0.04, respectively.


Akkaraman; Birth weight; Environmental factors; Heritability; Repeatability

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