Determination of Some Properties of Turkish Delight Produced by the Addition of Pomegranate Juice

Cemal Kaya, Mehmet Güldane, Semra Topuz, Mustafa Bayram


In this study, it is aimed to produce Turkish delight by using fresh squeezed pomegranate juice obtained from two different sour and sweet pomegranate varieties in 20% and 30% of the water to be used in the formulation. Water soluble dry matter, pH, total acidity, total phenolic substance, total anthocyanin, colour, hardness value, water activity of Turkish delight added pomegranate juice were analysed and the samples were sensory evaluated. Soluble solids dry matter values of Turkish delight were; 71.25-81.90 °Brix; pH values; 3.50-4.78, hardness values; 0.75-1.64 N, total acidity values; 0.042-0.240g/100g, L values; 27.43-43.94, a* values; (-0.66)-(+14.45) and b* values; (-1.67)-(+4.08), the amount of the total phenolic matter; 201.33-760.33 mg GAE/kg, the amount of total anthocyanin; 10.01-42.15 mg Cy-3Gluc/kg determined, respectively. When the results of the sensory evaluation were examined, the highest average score in terms of many features was obtained with a sweet pomegranate juice (300 ml) obtained with hydraulic press. It can be concluded that the products rich in functional components and preferred by consumers can be produced.


Pomegranate; Turkish delight; Total phenolic compounds; Anthocyanin; Colour

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