Estimation of Soil Losses in a Slope Area of Tokat Province through USLE and WEPP Model

Saniye Demir, İrfan Oğuz, Erhan Özer


Tokat is one of the developing provinces in terms of urbanism. Therefore, the land use changes city-wide which closely affects soil erosion. Numerical estimation of soil erosion is very important to prevent soil losses. In this study, USLE and WEPP Hillslope model were used to estimate the long-term soil losses in a slope area which used to be a pasture land and then turned into a fruit orchard in Büyükbeybağı area of Tokat province. Erosion sensitivity of the soil in the slope area was detected to be very low. Erosivity value of the area is low, soil is resistant to erosion due to pasture land use type and fruit orchard use type does not require intense soil cultivation practices. For all these reasons, both estimation technologies estimated soil losses of the land to be low.


Universal soil loss equation; WEPP model; soil loss; Soil properties; Land use

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