The Effect of Using Cow and Goat Milk on Antioxidant, Rheological and Sensory Properties of Kefir

Duygu Benzer Gürel, Merve Ildız, Serdal Sabancı, Nurcan Koca, Özlem Çağındı, Filiz İçier


In recent years, demand for products produced with goat milk has been increasing. On the other hand, compared to cow's milk, component and flavour differences in goat milk can cause significant differences in the properties of products produced with goat's milk and affect the acceptability of the product. In this study, it was aimed to compare the antioxidant capacity, rheological and sensory properties of kefir produced with goat milk with those properties of kefir produced of cow milk. In this context, cow milk, goat milk and 1: 1 ratio of cow and goat milk kefir were produced, physico-chemical, rheological and sensory analyses were performed. It was determined that the rheological properties of all kefir samples exhibit pseudoplastic behaviour and are compatible with the power-law model. The apparent viscosity of the kefir produced by the goat milk was lower than cow milk kefir. It was determined that the total antioxidant capacity of goat milk kefir was higher than cow's milk kefir and a and b values were lower in colour. On the other hand, in goat milk kefir, panellists perceived lower consistency and kefir flavour, also its overall acceptability score was lower. The addition of 50% cow's milk to goat's milk influenced the condition of goat's milk. The sensory properties of the mixture milk kefir were similar to the sensory properties of the cow's milk kefir. Although the mixture kefir positive results, it has been concluded that further studies are needed to obtain better consistency and flavour in kefir production from goat milk.


Antioxidant capacity; Phenolic compound; Goat milk; Kefir; Rheology

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