Comparison of Synthetic Broiler Genotypes with Commercial Broilers in Terms of Some Economic Parameters and Parentstock Performance

Beyhan Yeter, Ömer Camcı


In this study, commercial parents and synthetic parents which were developed from commercial maternal and paternal lines are compared. During the study, a total of 19654 animals, as being 8520 female, 1275 male chicks from commercial line (TK) and 8584 female, 1275 male chicks from synthetic line (SH), were used. Broiler experiment was conducted with a total of mixed-sex 2073 chicks, as being 1044 (3x348) chicks from TK group and 1029 (3x343) chicks from SH group. In 23 weeks growing period, female parents from TK and SH groups consumed 9.91 and 9.87 kg feed per animal, completed the process with 6.5% and 7.3% mortality and separation rate, 87% and 85% uniformity and lastly, 2846 and 2753g live weights at the end of 23 weeks, respectively. In the meantime, male parents with 9.5% and 10.8% mortality and separation rate consumed 11.1 and 11.3 kg feed per animal, respectively. Female parents from TK and SH groups reached 5% egg production efficiency at the ages of 26 and 25 weeks, and peak production at the ages of 35 and 32 weeks, respectively. At the age of 50 weeks, 5.7% and 6.0% mortality and separation rate, 84.5% and 83.8% peak egg production efficiency, 129.0 and 128.0 pcs of egg production, 116.8 and 118.5 pcs of incubating egg production, 62.5 and 60.0g of average incubating egg weight, 82.1% and 80.6% incubation yield were observed in the parents from TK and SH groups, respectively. Broiler chicks, with the weight of 39.7 and 37.7 g, obtained from TK and SH parents respectively reached the live weight of 2481 and 2375 g at the 42nd day consuming 4429 and 4372 g feed, respectively. In this broiler experiment, the feed conversion ratio was determined as 1.79 and 1.80 respectively. In the study, it was concluded, that new synthetic line obtained from commercial maternal and paternal lines can be used for broiler production.


Broiler breeders; Synthetic parent line; Parent performance; Broiler performance; Commercial parents

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