Determination of Operating Characteristics of 540 and 540E PTO Applications in Disc Type Silage Machines

Osman Özbek, Mustafa Ahmed Jalal Al-Sammarraie


In this study, performance characteristics such as power take off (PTO) power consumption, fuel consumption, fuel consumption for the unit field-unit product were determined at different working speeds with two different PTO applications (540 and 540E) in a single row disc type silage machine. In particular, the 540E PTO application greatly reduces fuel consumption for unit work. The best results in terms of hourly fuel consumption were achieved in 540E PTO application and V1 working speed. When the field - product fuel consumption is evaluated, the best results were obtained with the 540E PTO application at the V3 working speed. When an evaluation is made considering all the parameters, it is concluded that the 540E PTO application will provide certain advantages in terms of fuel consumption compared to the 540 PTO application for the silage machine operating by taking the motion from PTO. 540E PTO application can be used as an important alternative to 540 PTO application for machines of similar capacity and features.


Silage machine; Power take off; Economical PTO; Fuel consumption; Field- product working capacity

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