Heavy Metal Pollution in Water and Sediment From Disembogue Points of Some Creeks along Giresun Coast

Aysun Türkmen, Selin Akbulut


Carrying between February 2012 and February 2013 as seasonal, the present study aims to determine heavy metal loads of five different creeks pass through Giresun city center and disembogue to Black Sea. Heavy metal analyses were performed from selected stations by ICP-MS instrument. Without seasonal and station differences, metal levels were found as follow; Cd: 0.129-5.113, Mn: 0.009-2.937, Fe: 0.007-1.985, Cu: 0.002-1.344, Zn: 0.002-1.901, Ni: 0.003-0.149, Pb: 0.009-21.22, Cr: 0.002-0.177, Co: 0.001-0.087 mg/L in water. Cd: 0.118-166.3, Pb: 5.62-398.9, Mn: 111.7-988.2, Fe: 2919-117973, Cu: 18.60-963.9, Zn: 11.09-2471, Ni: 11.29-813.1, Cr: 10.76-860.5, Co: 8.59-757.1 mg/kg in sediment. There were statistically significant differences between seasons in sea water. Statistically differences were found on Aksu, Güre, and Batlama stations. In sediment, statically differences in Cu, Zn, Ni, Co levels were found in winter season. The same elements were also statistically different on Güre station.


Giresun; Sea water; Sediment; Heavy metal; Seasonal

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