Genetic Analysis and Combining Ability Studies for Yield Related Characters in Rapeseed

Aamar Shehzad, Hafeez Ahmad Sadaqat, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf


Combining ability analysis has a key position in rapeseed breeding. To estimate the combining ability effects for yield controlling traits in rapeseed, three testers and five lines were crossed using line × tester design in randomized complete block design with three replications. Mean sum of squares of analysis of variances for genotypes were significant for all of the traits; indicating the presence of significant genetic variation. All the interactions between lines and testers exhibited significant results of mean sum of squares for combining ability. Line ‘Duncled’ was found good general combiner for decreased Plant height (PH:-2.0), Days taken to 50% flowering (DF: -15.8) and Days taken to maturity (DM:-3.4) while tester ‘Punjab Sarson” for increased Number of seed/siliqua (SS: 2.2), Number of siliquae/plant (SP: 2.2) and decreased DF (-3.0) traits. Significant general and specific combining ability effects were observed. The best hybrid combination on the basis of specific combining ability effects was “Durre-NIFA × ZN-M-6” for Seed yield/plant (SY: 2.7), DF (-6.1) and DM (-3.5). PH (-0.2), Siliqua length (SL: -0.1), SS (-0.03) and SY (0.2) showed non-additive genetic effects. The half of the characters revealed additive and remaining half showed non-additive genetic effects. The present study unveiled the importance of both type of genetic effects demanding the application of integrated breeding approaches for exploiting the variability. ‘Punjab Sarson × ZN-M-6’ exposed maximum SS (30) and SP (837). Maximum SY (75.9g) and minimum DF (64) were showed by ‘Legend × Duncled’. The present research delivers valuable information of genotypes for promoting yield by means of improving yield related characters.


Rapeseed; Combining ability; Genetic effects; Yield related characters

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