Usage Level of Wheat Varieties and Problems in Agricultural Farms: A Case Study for Burdur and Isparta Province

Hülya Gül, Mevlüt Gül, Sultan Acun, Sinem Türk Aslan, Ayşe Öztürk, Burhan Kara, Zekeriya Akman


The main objective of the study is to determine the structure of seed usage of the wheat farms and development of its production in Isparta and Burdur provinces. The primary data used in this study were obtained by questionnaires in the region. Data obtained from the 150 of wheat cultivation farms belongs to the 2011 production period. The most important problems faced by farms were the low product prices and high input prices. Farmers pointed out that the development of wheat production can be provided by reducing the input costs such as; fertilizer, fuel, pesticide etc. The 97.3% of the wheat growing farms in the region make the seed dressing. About 52.7% of the interviewed enterprises are storing wheat and 74.7% of the farms are aware of the wheat varieties grown. About 52% of farms were found to be the use of certified seed. Certified seed usage rate is higher in the province of Isparta (69.3%) than Burdur. There is also a statistical difference in the use of certified seeds among the provinces. In the region, it was found that farms do not have enough information about the usage of certified seed and therefore it is necessary to transfer knowledge to the grower by the extension services.


Wheat; Varieties; Farms; Choice; Seed

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