Problems and Solutions of Pulses Production in Turkey

Aybegün Ton, Tolga İbrahim Karaköy, Adem Emin Anlarsal


In Turkey, Chickpea is in the first rank in pulses and it is followed by lentil, bean and faba bean respectively. In the world, Turkey is one of the most important producer and exporting countries especially for chickpea and lentil. In recent years, Turkey’s chickpea and lentil production are in downvard trend. Our country has diverse ecological regions for growing many pulses species. Our production potential of pulses must be evaluated and a great importance must be given to the production of cultivars with high yield potential, quality and standart bigness seed. On the other hand, in Turkey, winter chickpea production in coastal region and winter lentil production in central Anatolion region must be widened. Pulses production must be done by using proper growing techniques. Sowing and harvesting should be done by machine. At the same time good war should be made against disease and insect for increasing yield potential of pulses. So, in Turkey, pulses plantation can be increased much more than nowdays.


Chickpea; Plantation; Export; Import; Yield

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