Threats to Biodiversity Bio-Trafficking in Turkey




Turkey, Biodiversity, Endemic, Bio-Smuggling, Genetic Erosion


Turkey; as a result of its geographical, topographic and ecological differences, Turkey has a very rich biological diversity. Turkey is a biological attraction and a rich reservoir of biological material due to the biological richness of the property poses. The collection and removal of biological diversity without the permission of competent authorities is called bio-smuggling. Unfortunately, despite all the measures taken, our biodiversity, which has been used by many sectors, has been and continues to be bio-smuggled. We need to have peace of mind and freshness in delivering our biological diversity to future generations safely. For this purpose; i) social awareness, ii) training of expert staff, iii) legal arrangements at the highest level, iv) ensuring national and international coordination and cooperation and keeping alive, v) sufficient support to studies that have the potential to serve the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity It should be given. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the importance of Turkey‘s biodiversity, bio-smuggling causing the decline of biodiversity by drawing attention focusing on Turkey, and to contribute to the prevention of bio-smuggling in Turkey. Therefore, in this article; bio-smuggling issue has assessed the scale of Turkey, the bio-smuggling in Turkey in recent years has been presented with the current sample and bio-trafficking is considered measures to be taken to prevent more effectively.



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Kurt, O., Çelik, N., Göre, M., & Kurt, H. (2019). Threats to Biodiversity Bio-Trafficking in Turkey. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 7(sp2), 46–51.