Evaluation of Some Physicochemical Water Quality Parameters of Gümüşsuyu Pond (Sinop-Erfelek)





Sinop Erfelek, Gümüşsuyu Pond, Water pollution, Water quality


In this study, it was aimed to determine water quality and pollution of Gümüşsuyu Pond in Erfelek district of Sinop province. In this respect, physical and chemical water parameters used to determine water quality were measured between April-2018 and March-2019. These measurements were made for four stations representing the whole of Gümüşsuyu Pond. The stations were chosen as east, northwest (deepest place of pond), south and west of Gümüşsuyu Pond. During the study, water samples were taken from these four stations once a month and the obtained twelve-month average values (general-average, standard-deviation, seasonal-average) were examined. In order to determine water quality, dissolved oxygen(mg/L), pH, temperature(oC), salinity(ppt), iron(µg/L), lead(µg/L), copper(µg/L), cadmium(µg/L), mercury(µg/L), nickel(µg/L), zinc(µg/L) parameters were analyzed for water samples taken from these four stations. In the study, the statistical data of the annual average values of the measured water quality parameters were also compared seasonally. As a result, it was determined that Gumussuyu Pond has class-II water quality according to Surface Waters Water Quality Management Regulation. It was also determined that there was no pollution problem in the pond. However, although pond water is classified as very hard water, there is no problem in terms of aquaculture. When all the results are evaluated, it is suggested that the pond may be suitable for the cultivation of cold-water species such as trout.



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Mutlu, E., & Emin Güzel, A. (2019). Evaluation of Some Physicochemical Water Quality Parameters of Gümüşsuyu Pond (Sinop-Erfelek). Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 7(sp3), 72–77. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v7isp3.72-77.3220

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