Determination the Heavy Metal Contents of Wastewater from the Leather Factory




Heavy metal, Wastewater, Leather factory, Keban Dam Lake, Elazığ


In this study, it is aimed to determine the heavy metal pollution caused by wastewaters of leather factory in Keban Dam Lake (Agın region). For this purpose, water samples were taken monthly during one year from the selected stations (wastewater of leather factory, wastewater discharged region and open water region). The concentrations of some heavy metals (Cu, Fe, Zn, Cr, Ni, Cd, As and Hg) were determined in water samples. The ranges of elements were found as Cu=11.71-19.14; Fe=82.03-169.92; Zn=39.06-70.31; Cr=58.59-82.03; Ni=2.5-10.25; Cd=45-72.5 mg/L; As=43.57-76.0 and Hg=0.42-0.76 µg/L in wastewater; Cu=6.25-9.74; Fe=42.96-87.89; Zn=16,21-42,96; Cr=39,06-58.59; Ni=1.22-7.25; Cd=23.75-45.0 mg/L; As=20.32-37.92 and Hg=0.19-0.38 µg/L in discharged water to dam lake, Cu=0.31-0.52; Fe=0.24-0.54; Zn=0.43-0.67; Cr=0.05-1.12; Ni=0.002-0.004 and Cd=0.009-0.02 mg/L in open water respectively. It has been determined that heavy metal pollution is very high in the wastewater of leather factory and discharged water to Dam Lake. Among these heavy metals, the most accumulated metal was chromium. In all three regions, the lowest concentrations were found in winter and the highest concentrations were found in summer. The results were compared with tolerable values for heavy metals provided from the WHO, EC and USEPA standards for freshwater. Cu, Fe, Zn, Cr and Ni concentrations in the wastewater and discharged water to the Dam Lake were found above the standard values given by WHO, EC and USEPA.



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Canpolat, Özgür, & Çalta, M. (2020). Determination the Heavy Metal Contents of Wastewater from the Leather Factory. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(3), 752–758.



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