Determination of Plant Protection Problems on Wheat Production in Sivas Province




Plant protection problems, Chemical control, Interview, Wheat, Triticum


Objective of this study is to determine plant protection problems which wheat growers encountered and their knowledge on plant protection in Sivas province. This study is carried out in the Central, Hafik, Ulas and Yıldızeli districts of Sivas province with 220 farmers. The problems which related to plant diseases, pests and weeds in wheat growers faced were also determined. Almost all farmers (99.09%) apply chemical control. Farmers decides the pesticide applications in their wheat growing areas according to own experience (84.09%), manufacturers recommendations (24.09%), the advice of agricultural experts (17.27%) and the advice of neighbours and friends (9.55%). Farmers mostly have been applying pesticides based on their own experiences. In recent years, pesticides are being used widely against diseases, pests and weeds. Some times over dose application of pesticides by farmers in judiciously resulted in environmental pollution, health problems. Also the natural enemies will be affected. Furthermore, in weed control farmers use herbicides against broad leaved weeds. It was determined that the farmers do not have knowledge about narrow leaved weeds and herbicides use against these weed species is limited. According to the results of this survey, it will be beneficial to provide training on plant protection to wheat producers in the region.



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Belen, M., Yanar, D., & Erdal, G. (2020). Determination of Plant Protection Problems on Wheat Production in Sivas Province. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(sp1), 208–214.