Quality Parameters of Honey, an Important Bee Product





Apitherapy, Qquality criteria of honey, Bee product, Chemical composition, Heat treatment


Honey, which is an apitherapy product; It is a valuable food rich in vitamins and minerals, obtained by collecting the nectar formed on the plant by insects, and containing substances of great importance for human health. Different colours, tastes and compositions can be observed in honey obtained from different plants. Honey, which is among the most consumed bee products in Turkey, is among the foods that are mixed with honey. At the same time, fake honey is produced by adding some substances such as sugar syrup and starch adulteration to honey, and it is reported that the production of GMO honey, which also puts consumers at risk, has increased all over the world. In order to prevent this situation, it is stated in the Turkish Food Codex Honey Communiqué that honey should be free from additives (including food additives) and free from organic and/or inorganic substances that are not in its natural composition. As stated in the honey communiqué, there are some quality criteria for honey in order to produce honey. These criteria are the chemical content of honey (phenolic compounds, fructose / glucose ratio, humidity, ash, pH value, Hydroxymethyl furfural, etc.), factors affecting the raw material of honey (i.e. nectar), temperature values during honey heat treatment, raw and fresh honey. specified as the quality criteria of honey. In this study, the effects of the compounds in the chemical structure of honey according to the Turkish Food Codex, the heat treatment application and the nectar structure of honey on the quality were prepared as a review.



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Özge Toy, N., & Şahinler, N. (2022). Quality Parameters of Honey, an Important Bee Product. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(sp1), 2841–2847. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v10isp1.2841-2847.5859