Effects of Dietary Tribulus terrestris Saponin Extract on Performance, Egg Quality and Some Blood Parameters of Laying Hens





Puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris), laying hens, cholesterol, blood parameters, egg quality


This study has been carried out to determine the effect of saponin extract of Tribulus terrestris (TTSE) added in diets of laying hen on the performance characteristics, the external and internal egg quality, the cholesterol level of egg yolk and blood parameters of white laying hens. Treatment groups were allocated to 5 dietary in which 0 (control), 1 g TTSE, 2 g TTSE, 4 g TTSE and 8 g TTSE powder doses per kg commercial layer diet. In total 80 hens were used by allocating them into groups each included 16 animals (replication). The results of the study the cholesterol level of egg decreased at the group of 1 g of TTSE compared to other experiment groups except control group. The albumen length increased at the groups of 2, 4 and 8 g TTSE compared to the control group in the middle of the experiment. TTSE had no effect on performance characteristics and blood parameters. In conclusion, the results showed that TTSE had no effect on Performance, egg quality and some blood parameters in laying hens.


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