Investigation of Some Quality Characteristics of Chicken Nuggets Coated with Einkorn, Dinkel and Emmer Flour During Cold Storage




Ancient wheat flours, Chicken nugget, Deep-fat fried, Cold storage, Quality


This study aims to investigate the effects of the use of ancient wheat flours such as Einkorn, Dinkel, Emmer in coating formulations instead of whole wheat flour on the quality of chicken nuggets. Chemical properties, quality characteristics, pH, lipid oxidation, color, texture and sensory properties of deep-fried chicken nuggets stored at 4°C for 7 days were evaluated. It has been determined that dough formulations significantly affect the chemical and quality properties of nuggets. Coating thickness, coating adhesion rate and cooking efficiency were the highest in chicken nuggets coated with Dinkel flour. It was observed that the pH and lipid oxidation values of all nuggets increased during the storage period. It was determined that the color scores of the control samples decreased during the storage period, and the color scores of the chicken nuggets coated with ancient flours did not change. On the 0th day, it was determined that the samples covered with einkorn flour received the highest taste score, while on the 3rd day, the taste scores of the samples were close to each other. On day 7 of storage, the control sample received the lowest flavor score. It was determined that the juiciness scores of chicken nuggets coated with einkorn flour did not change during storage, and the texture scores increased. The overall acceptability scores of the nuggets coated with Einkorn and Emmer flour were found to be similar to the control samples on the 0th and 3rd days of storage. In texture profile analysis, it was determined that there was no significant difference between the hardness, cohesiveness, springiness and gumminess values of all nuggets. It has been determined that as the storage time increases, the hardness value of the samples coated with Emmer flour increases and the chewiness values decrease. As a result, it was determined that the use of Einkorn and Dinkel flours in the coating formulation in chicken nugget production had a positive effect on the chemical, quality, texture and sensory properties of nuggets.


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